Whirlpool Lawsuit Ruling To Be Reconsidered
Apr 5, 2013
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A Supreme Court ruling on a case in March, involving Comcast Corp., is impacting another lawsuit brought by consumers against Whirlpool Corp.

The Supreme Court ruled that the Comcast customers did not meet the requirements for a class action certification.

Several media reports are saying that the decision by a U.S. court of appeals to grant class action status to the consumers' suit against Whirlpool will now need to be reconsidered.

The legal action against Whirlpool said that some high-efficiency washing machines developed mold problems and unpleasant smells.

A Bloomberg report said that the lawsuit that was directly affected by the Supreme Court ruling is one of nine lawsuits, representing 1.5 million clothes washer buyers, being faced by Whirlpool Corp in the United States over the washer problem.

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