Survey: Americans Grilling More, and Grilling Healthier
Mar 22, 2013
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Grillers in the United States are changing their style--that's the finding of the 24th annual Weber GrillWatch Survey, conducted by grill maker Weber-Stephen Products.

Survey results show that 61% of grillers have changed their grilling style in the past year, and for most of them--30%--that means grilling more vegetables.

The survey results show that 25% of respondent report they are grilling more to be healthier, while 23% are grilling leaner meats and poultry.

The survey also found that 73% of grillers agree that grilling is a way to eat healthier. Three-quarters of respondents also agreed grilling was a way to relax, while 82% say grilling is a way to have fun.

Grillers are entertaining more in the last year, according to the survey results. It found that:
* 84% of grill owners entertain family and friends in their home
* grillers host 8.1 parties, on average, during the year--which is up from 7.2 in the survey from last year
* 19% of grillers host parties in their home 10-19 times per year
* 12% host 20 or more parties per year.
* in summer, 25% of grillers host five or more barbecues.

The foods grilled most often:
* hamburgers - 70%
* steak - 43%
* hot dogs - 42%
* chicken - 40%

The survey found that 62% of Americans own some kind of outdoor barbecue grill. Of those who own grills:
* 63% have a gas grill
* 51% have a charcoal grill
* 48% use their grill year-round
* 33% use their grill when it's below freezing

24% of grill owners agree that it would be handy to have removable grill side tables. As far as grilling accessories:
* 80% of grillers own tongs, the No. 1 accessory
* 40% own a thermometer
* 41% own grilling mitts or gloves
* 18% own a cast iron griddle
* 12% own a rib rack

Americans favorite holiday for grilling is--no surprise--the Fourth of July, when 86% of grill owners use their grill. Independence Day is followed by:
* Labor Day - 75%
* birthdays - 72%
* Memorial Day - 68%
* Father's Day - 49%

Where do grillers grill when they are not in their own backyard? Camping is the most popular place to grill away from home, at 44%. Other favorite locales:
* parks - 37%
* beach - 23%
* tailgate parties - 22%

Weber-Stephen Products LLC commissioned Toluna (formerly Greenfield Online), an online survey panel provider, to field the 24th annual survey. A total of 1,000 grill owners throughout the United States completed the online survey. All respondents were 21 or older and owned a charcoal, gas, or electric outdoor grill or smoker. The sample was divided between 50% males and 50% females and was balanced demographically to represent households across the U.S.

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