Study: Consumers Want More Voice and Video Chat Capabilities
Mar 19, 2013
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The rise of mobile devices has increased consumer demand for voice-to-text, text-to-voice, voice control, and video chat capabilities, according new studies from the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA).

The studies show consumer awareness of all three technologies is high.
* Nearly 50% of the online U.S. adult population having seen or heard something about voice-to-text and text-to-voice technologies in the past 12 months.
* 62% of online U.S. adults having some familiarity with voice control technology
* 65% of online U.S. adults having some familiarity with video chat technology

Consumer interest in owning a device capable of these technologies is also high:

* 34% are interested in owning voice-to-text capability
* 29% are interested in owning text-to-voice capability
* 34% of consumers are interested in future ownership of devices with voice control capabilities
* 23% are interested in video chat abilities

"Mobile devices, such as powerful smartphones and tablet computers, are increasingly coming to market with these features already built in and have, in turn, catapulted these technologies into the realm of consumer desires," said Kevin Tillmann, senior research analyst, CEA. "These technologies are quickly becoming an integral part of Americans' lives and are significantly changing the way in which consumers interact with their tech devices."

The studies also identified areas of desired improvements:
* 77% of voice-to-text users would like better speech recognition technology
* 63% of text-to-voice users would like better technology
* 49% of consumers would like to see better reliability of voice control technology
* 55% of video chat users would like to see improved video quality

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