Toshiba Showcasing Environmental Appliances at Singapore's Eco-Products International 2013
Mar 11, 2013
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Toshiba Corp. (Tokyo) and Toshiba Asia Pacific Ltd. will be showcasing its latest environmental products and technologies at the Eco-Products International Fair 2013 (EPIF 2013) in Singapore from March 14 to 16.

Toshiba will exhibit a range of products for industry and consumers, with a focus on environmental benefits.

Among the home appliances displayed will be:
* washing machines that use less power and water, including use of the quiet S-DD inverter Motor
* low power refrigerators
* home LED lighting

Also exhibited will be power-saving consumer products like the Power TV, Toshiba's major brand in Asia, designed for maximum energy efficiency and clear picture quality - even when signals are weak. It will also show energy efficient PCs with magnesium casing.

Toshiba will also show its Home Energy Management System (HEMS), which monitors, measures, and controls electricity, gas, and water consumption. The system is compliant with ECHONet Lite; it is also scheduled for installation in apartment blocks in Singapore.

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