Kitchen Remodeling Trends 2013
Mar 1, 2013
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Homeowners are still spending on their kitchen and bath remodels, but not quite as much as they were one year ago, according to new survey results from the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA).

NKBA's 2013 member survey, published in its 2013 Kitchen & Bath Style Report, indicate that the total cost of the average kitchen design at the start of 2013 was $47,308, down slightly from $51,050 at the start of 2012.

The total cost of the average bathroom design was essentially unchanged at $18,538 in 2013, compared to $18,575 a year ago.

Transitional Has Clearly Displaced Traditional Style. NKBA's 2012 survey found that the longstanding No. 1 style preference--for Traditional-style kitchens and bathrooms--had finally been surpassed by Transitional design style.

The 2013 survey found that, again, Transitional Style has clearly surpassed Traditional as the No. 1 design style.

Transitional style is described as a blend of traditional and contemporary styles.

Transitional style usage grew in kitchens from 59% in the 2012 report to 69% in the new 2013 report. Transitional styles are also No. 1 in bathrooms, used by 61% of survey respondents.

Traditional styles are second place, with their popularity ranked by NKBA at 60% in kitchens and 58% in bathrooms.

Contemporary designs were a close third in the most recent survey, holding steady at 52% usage in kitchens and increasing from 53% in 2012 to 57% in 2013 in bathrooms.

Shades of Gray in the Kitchen and Bathroom.
NKBA's survey also looked at design color trends and found that the trend to use gray color schemes in both kitchens and bathrooms has increased significantly--since 2010, but especially in 2012.

The survey found that gray was used in 55% of kitchens in 2012 (from 9% in 2010) and was used in 56% of bathrooms in 2012 (from 12% in 2010). NKBA said that shades of gray creating chic, sophisticated spaces.

Whites/off-whites, however, are still the top color schemes, used in 73% of kitchens and 71% of bathrooms.

Beiges and bones are the second most popular color scheme in kitchen and bathrooms. They are followed by grays and then browns.

Quartz Surfaces Increase. While granite remains the top choice for counter surfaces in kitchens and baths, quartz was No. 2 and closing. Granite saw 87% usage in kitchens and 71% in bathrooms. Quarts increased from 69% to 80% in kitchens and from 53% to 65% in bathrooms.

White Dominates in Painted Cabinetry.
White remains the top preference for painted cabinetry. The popularity of white-painted cabinetry moved from 47% in 2011 to 59% in 2012 and increased to 67% in 2013.

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