Panasonic Launches 100,000 Solar Lantern Project
Feb 28, 2013
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Panasonic Corp. launched the 100,000 Solar Lantern Project, to donate a total of 100,000 solar LED lanterns to people in regions of the world without electricity. The donations are scheduled to be completed by 2018, the 100th anniversary of Panasonic's founding.

IN the first stage in this effort, Panasonic is donating 3,000 compact solar lights to NPOs and NGOs helping to solve social problems in Myanmar. A ceremony to mark the donation was held at the Sedona Hotel Yangon in Yangon, Myanmar.

In March 2013, Panasonic plans to donate an additional 5,000 compact solar lights to an NGO in India, along with 2,000 lights to a refugee camp in Africa.

Panasonic noted that there are about 1.32 billion people worldwide living without electricity, mainly in developing countries in Asia and Africa. Some of these homes use kerosene lamps, which pose fire risks and provide insufficient light.

The Panasonic solar lights pose no risk of fire or harm to human health, and generates no CO2 emissions during use.

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