BSH Invests In Dishwasher Production Line in New Bern
Feb 18, 2013
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BSH Home Appliances has temporarily shut down one of two dishwasher lines at its plant in New Bern, NC, according to reports by local media outlets. One hundred line workers will be out of work until the upgrades are complete and the line is restarted in April.

In December 2011 BSH Home Appliances announced a new dishwasher manufacturing line for New Bern. The company said the line would begin operations in 2013 and create 119 positions over the following four years.

See Dec. 13, 2011: BSH Brings Dishwasher Line to New Bern.

A report in the New Bern Sun Journal said that BSH would be offering assistance to employees affected by work stoppage, including help filing for temporary unemployment benefits. The report said the company would also be training employees for the new production line start-up in April.

The company said that the layoffs were strictly temporary, that employees were made aware that they were coming, and that employees would get their jobs back when production restarted in April.

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