Daewoo Gets OK To Self-Certify Refrigerators for Chinese Market
Feb 13, 2013
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Daewoo Electronics' Refrigerator Research Institute in the Bupyeong District of Incheon, China, received certification as a refrigerator energy tester by the Chinese government.

Certification allows Daewoo Electronics to self-certify its refrigerators bound for the Chinese market.

Daewoo Electronics Refrigerator Research Institute applied in 2012 to become a CQC (China Quality Certification) tester.

Since the Refrigerator Research Institute was certified as a CQC tester, seven Daewoo models have obtained the CEL (China Energy Label). These models include the Klasse Cube three-door refrigerator and side-by-side models

"The several month-long process of having our refrigerators (earn) the CEL was shortened to less than a month," said Dae Sung Wie, head of the Refrigerator Research Institute. "Besides, the cost of having our refrigerators certified has halved."

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