Gorenje Orodjarna Completes Manufacturing Upgrade
Feb 6, 2013
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Gorenje Orodjarna, the toolmaking subsidiary of Slovenian appliance company Gorenje, recently completed an extensive update of production technology.

The company invested in three new machines:
* a high-speed three-axis vertical CNC milling machine
* an electric discharge ("wire erosion") machine
* five-axis vertical CNC milling machine

The investment in the new machinery was more than EUR 900,000. The company said the new machinery has already helped boost competitiveness, with 2012 productivity up 8% and cost of working with outside suppliers cut in half compared to 2011.

The key addition to the line-up was the five-axis vertical CNC milling machine, which considerably reduces the production time for the most geometrically challenging tools and improves tool accuracy.

The new equipment will allow the subsidiary to work with other industries, including aerospace.

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