Energy Harvesting Technology Commercialization is Topic of APEC Session
Jan 31, 2013
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Industry experts will discuss global commercialization of electronic systems powered by harvesting ambient energy at an APEC forum on March 19.

The Power Sources Manufacturers Association (PSMA) Energy Harvesting Committee is sponsoring the APEC 2013 session, "Forging Ahead: Global Commercialization of Energy Harvesting Technology." The session will be on Tuesday, March 19, 2013, from 8:30 AM to noon at the Long Beach CA Convention Center. It will feature seven experts from the commercial and research institute sectors, including: Cymbet, EnOcean, Fraunhofer Institute, Infinite Power Solutions, Linear Technology, NXP, and Texas Instruments.

The forum will address how harvesting ambient energy to power systems is already being used, and discuss the main commercial challenge for both macro and micro energy harvesting systems: to be cost effective compared to legacy power solutions such as fossil fuels and batteries.

PSMA said that, with the advent of the "Internet of Things" driving the need for billions of small autonomously powered wireless devices, new cost-effective micro energy harvesting solutions are now commercially available.

This PSMA Industry Session will provide an overview of the commercial progress of energy harvesting-based power for devices such as wireless sensors, data loggers, asset tracking, security and patient monitors. It will present technical details of key technologies that are driving successful commercialization in the following areas: energy harvesting transducers, energy conversion, energy storage, power management, ultra-low-power processors, sensors and wireless radio solutions. Commercial deployments of energy harvesting-powered systems from around the world in many industry segments will also be discussed. At the end of the session, several commercially available energy harvesting-powered systems will be demonstrated in the room for audience inspection.

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