LG at CES: Large-Capacity Ovens With Advanced Porcelain Enamel
Jan 11, 2013
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LG Electronics is at the 2013 International CES show this week in Las Vegas, where the company debuted a new series of self-cleaning, large-capacity ovens with an Aqua Clean Enamel (ACE) coating.

LG said that ACE has a unique composition of porcelain enamel properties, allowing water to penetrate between the coating surface and food residue, which helps separate baked-on food from the oven's interior. This allows the oven to be cleaned with just water and moderate heat, eliminating the need for chemical cleaning agents.

The ACE coating enables two cleaning functions. One is an Easy Cleaning feature, in which the user simply sprays water inside the oven and then turns on a heating option to remove food residue. A Self Cleaning function uses extremely high heat to remove traces of grime.

With two cleaning options, consumers can select a speedy manual cleaning or a fully automated process. The coating also helps to significantly reduce the time needed for the Self Cleaning function - the process takes only 20 minutes, including heating the oven to the required temperature and the cool-down period.

"While some ovens with internal coatings have an easy cleaning function, they may be unable to cope with the heat required for effective self cleaning," said Seong-jin Jo, President and CEO of the LG Electronics Home Appliance Company. "LG's ACE coating and our Easy Cleaning and Self Cleaning capabilities offer our consumers another layer of smart convenience, making home appliance use easy and virtually hassle-free."

The CES show runs from January 7-11, 2013. The show has moved beyond being strictly a "consumer electronics" show; home appliances have been increasing their presence at the show in the last decade as more CE-type features move are integrated into home appliances. This has become particularly true with the increase in smart and connected appliances.

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