Dacor at CES: World's First Android Oven Unveiled
Jan 10, 2013
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Luxury appliance maker Dacor showcased the world's first wall oven featuring the integrated Discovery IQ Controller for Android at the CES Unveiled press event in Las Vegas. The event was held on Sunday, January 6, prior to the January 8 opening of the 2013 International CES exhibition.

The Discovery Wall Oven connects the kitchen to the home via the Discovery IQ Controller, and is the first Dacor oven to feature Wi-Fi connectivity. The controller enables runs on the Android OS platform, powered by a Samsung 1GHZ Processor and 512MB DDR2 RAM. The built-in controller is exclusive to Discovery Series Wall Ovens and comes with Wi-Fi capability, stereo sound, and a PowerVR SGX 540 graphics processing unit to help it deliver multimedia via a 7-inch LCD glass touch screen panel.

The graphic user interface (GUI) is designed for easy use and marks the most recent collaboration between Dacor and BMW Group DesignworksUSA, an international design strategy firm.

Home cooks can use the controller to access the Dacor Discovery IQ Cooking Application and Guide, while simultaneously downloading other popular applications through the Google Play Store, researching new recipes, or viewing cooking video demonstrations.

The oven's controller can also be accessed remotely with a tablet or smart phone.

The system is intended to eliminate guesswork associated with preparing popular dishes and family recipes by way of a pre-programmed guide. The oven will automatically follow recipe cooking guidelines. Once cooking is done, the oven will switch to warming mode, to keep food warm until ready to serve.

When cooking is completed, the system can alert the home chef via text message or push notification. The oven can also notify the owner if it has a problem or needs maintenance; Dacor will also be notified for troubleshooting. Automatic system updates and self-diagnostics will be downloaded directly to the IQ Controller via Wi-Fi from the Dacor server.

Control features include Guided Cooking, Quick Start Guide, My Modes, Slow Cook Mode, and Personal Recipe Storage.

"The Discovery IQ is truly a revolutionary wall oven controller that has raised the bar for cooking convenience and performance. It has set the standard for the connected kitchen of the future as the first wall oven with an integrated Android controller and Wi-Fi connectivity," said Steve Joseph, President of Dacor.

The Discovery 30-inch wall ovens are targeted for production during the Summer of 2013 and will has a suggested retail price of $7499 for a double wall oven and $4499 for a single.

Dacor is based in City of Industry, CA, and has been a family-run appliance producer since its founding in 1965.

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