Whirlpool: Ruling on Appliance Imports Supports U.S. Manufacturers
Dec 20, 2012
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The U.S. Department of Commerce (DOC) gave its final ruling in a case involving imports of large residential washers from South Korea and Mexico. The DOC concluded that South Korea-based appliance manufacturers, including LG and Samsung, are dumping large residential washers into the U.S. market, violating U.S. and international trade laws.

The Dec. 19, 2012 ruling came in response to a petition filed by Whirlpool Corp. in December 2011.

"This decision is an important victory for our 22,000 dedicated U.S. employees, the consumers we serve, and the U.S. appliance industry," said Marc Bitzer, President, Whirlpool North America Region. "Whirlpool has made substantial investments to increase production here in the United States and to fuel innovation that creates superior products for consumers. On a level playing field, we are confident that Whirlpool will continue to produce leading innovative products demonstrating the vitality of American manufacturing."

The DOC announced the following dumping margins for South Korean and Mexican producers:

South Korean Producers
* LG: 13.02%
* Samsung: 9.29%
* Daewoo: 82.41%

Mexican Producers
* Samsung: 72.41%
* Electrolux: 36.52%
* Whirlpool: 72.41% (Whirlpool said it has discontinued shipments of washers from Mexico for sale in the United States. Therefore, no cash deposits will be required.)

A second ruling from the DOC on December 19, in a separate case, determined that unlawful subsidies were provided on the same products from South Korea. The DOC determined countervailing duty margins of 72.30% for Daewoo and 1.85% for Samsung.

Whirlpool said that, as part of its strategic commitment to invest in U.S. manufacturing to supply the U.S. market, it made significant investments at its plant in Clyde, Ohio, where it manufactures large residential washers. As a result of these investments, Whirlpool now manufacturers all of its large residential washers for the U.S. market in the Ohio plant.

Whirlpool said that it expects the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) to vote on Jan. 18, 2013, regarding injury to the domestic industry caused by the dumped and subsidized imports

In February 2013 Whirlpool expects final orders published with the issuance of final affirmative determinations from the DOC and the ITC.

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