Panasonic Licensing Embedded Powerline Communication Technology for Home Appliances
Dec 18, 2012
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In January, Panasonic System Networks Corp. will begin licensing its new broadband high-speed powerline communication (HD-PLC) technology for incorporation in home appliances.

HD-PLC Inside technology expands options for HD-PLC technologies, including HD-PLC IEEE 1901 Complete, which is compliant with the IEEE 1901 standard. The technology is said to enable reduction of the size of an HD-PLC chip to about a third of the size of existing HD-PLC IEEE 1901 Complete LSI. The technology also allows minimizing the microcontroller's communication function and the size of an external memory, helping lower the total cost of the embedded system. Power consumption can also be reduced as much as a third of that of an IEEE 1901 compliant HD-PLC 240Mbps class LSI.

With these benefits, the technology offers a platform to achieve stable networking, unique to wired communication, for a variety of devices, particularly home appliances and industrial equipment.

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