2013's Top 5 Home Entertainment Trends
Dec 12, 2012
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Market intelligence firm Quixel Research named its Top Home Entertainment Trends for 2013 - including strong growth of home automation systems that control far more than just the home entertainment devices.

No. 1 on the list: mobile devices and TVs will finally talk to each other. Consumers are likely to see the seamless integration of their smartphone/tablet and their TV. The firm noted that 78% of consumers already use their mobile device when watching TV, and the firm's own consumer survey found that, according to QR Founder Tamaryn Pratt, "nearly 70% were strongly motivated to buy a TV that could easily sync with their mobile devices."

No. 2: Even bigger TVs. "Due to manufacturing efficiencies today versus just a few years ago, TV makers can bring very large TVs - for example 55-inch, 60-inch, 65-inch, or even larger - to the market more readily and cost-effectively," Pratt said. "No longer bound by furniture, and further freed by the fact that these larger flat panels are lighter yet still energy efficient, plus amazingly cheaper, consumers are migrating to larger sets in dramatic fashion."

She expects sales of TVs 50-inches and larger will increase nearly 20% in 2013 over 2012, and to almost double by 2015.

No. 3: Sound Bars. Consumers have been trying to resist the complication of adding sound equipment with their TV. But the sound from small, flat-screen TV speakers fail to match the quality of the image, in many cases, motivating consumers to look for an audio add-on. New sound bars are intended to make the adding sound to a flat screen easy.

No. 4: Death of Discs. "More movies and shows will be streamed to TVs than PCs in 2013, and nearly 50% of connected TV owners in a QR recent study have paid to download/stream content," Pratt said. "Additionally, consumers can buy once and stream to different mobile devices.

No. 5: Rebirth of the Smart Home. Home automation revives as integration gets easier and, the firm said, consumers "get it" now. Apps already enable operation of home entertainment, as well as the home HVAC, security system, and other devices.

"In a recent QR dealer study, over 88% of custom installers surveyed expect their home control sales to double in 2013. They cite generation energy efficiency as a home automation driver, making this not just an era of extreme convenience, but also one of 'green' and cost savings," Pratt said.

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