Hyatt in Virginia to Use Virtually Waterless Washer
Dec 10, 2012
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The Hyatt Regency in Reston, VA, U.S., will use begin using the "virtually waterless" laundry cleaning system from UK-based Xeros Ltd. A Xeros washing machine was installed at the property on Dec. 4th, where it will be used to launder Hyatt's guest room and dining room linens and bath towels. The machine uses less water, chemicals, and energy than traditional methods.

Xeros CEO Bill Westwater said the "bead" cleaning system will provide the Hyatt with dramatic savings in laundry and utility costs per year, as well as superior cleaning.

Patented polymer beads go into the wash cycle and are key to the nearly waterless wash system. They last for hundreds of washes before being collected and recycled. The beads' are used with a proprietary detergent solution. The dirt from soiled items is attracted and absorbed by the beads.

This is the second "affirmation site" for Xeros in the United States. In September 2012 the company's first washing machine was placed at

The appliance maker currently provides its solution to in-house laundry operations for the hotel and lodging industry, as well as retail dry cleaners, and has plans to broaden its commercial and residential markets.

Xeros said the system:
* Uses 70-90% less water than traditional washing machines.
* Consumes 40-60% less chemicals.
* Reduces energy use 45-65%.

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