Holiday Gifts: Affluent Consumers Plan to Spend 4 Times As Much as the Average U.S. Household
Dec 3, 2012
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Adults in affluent households expect to spend about $2,102 on gifts during the 2012 holidays, according to a new survey from American Affluence Research Center. The amount is almost quadruple the $549 estimated in a survey of the U.S. public overall by BIGinsight for the National Retail Federation.

Among affluent consumers in the United States, 75% of men and about 92% of women expect to receive a gift during the holidays in 2012. The survey said 15% more women and 5% fewer men expect a gift for Christmas or Hanukkah 2012.

In the survey the consumers under age 60 and consumers with an income above $200,000 are likeliest to expect a gift.

The research firm conducts a twice-yearly survey of the wealthiest 10% of U.S. households, based on net worth.

Respondents were asked to choose - from a list of 20 categories - the Top Two gifts on their wish list. Almost 15% of both women and men want an iPad or a similar tablet computer.

Top gifts from affluent women:
* 48% of affluent women would like a form of currency; that is, a gift card/certificate or money/check
* 29% want clothing
* 22% want fine jewelry

Top gifts from affluent men:
* 45% want clothing
* 31% would like a gift card/certificate or money/check
* 24% would like books/CDs/DVDs
* 20% would like sports equipment

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