AHAM Launches New Brand, Website Supporting Verification Programs
Nov 29, 2012
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The Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers rebranded its Certification and Verification Programs as a way to reinforce the credibility of its third party testing programs for clothes washers, dehumidifiers, dishwashers, refrigerators, freezers, room air-conditioners, and room air cleaners.

The AHAM Verifide brand name is a coined term, combining the words verified and bona fide. The new AHAM Verifide brand is featured on the new ahamverifide.org website.

The AHAM Verifide mark is issued only to licensees in the association's Verification Programs. It is used to signify that specific program attributes - such as volume or capacity, energy, and in some cases performance - have been certified accurately by the manufacturer and verified by the association.

The mark can be found on the product rating label or product packaging, making it easy for consumers to recognize these products in stores. Nearly 15 million appliances will bear the mark in 2013.

The association partners with independent testing laboratories and has performed certification for the home appliance industry since 1967. In the past two years, the association added programs for major appliances with the goal of strengthening consumer confidence in appliances available for sale. The association is recognized by the EPA as a Certification Body (CB) and approved to administer verification testing for purposes of the Energy Star program.

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