LG Launches Mosquito-Repelling Air-Conditioner in Nigeria
Nov 28, 2012
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LG Electronics launched a residential air-conditioner in Nigeria that uses ultrasonic wave technology to repel mosquitoes. LG's Anti-Mosquito air-conditioner, in tests conducted in a Peet Grady chamber, deterred an average of 64% of malaria-transmitting female Anopheles mosquitoes within 24 hours and 82% overall.

"In Nigeria, as well as in a number of other African countries, malaria continues to be a prevalent threat," said Jun-hwa Jeong, General Manager of Air Conditioning and Energy Solutions at LG Electronics. "By matching technologies directly to these region-specific challenges, we can create real solutions that will help bring about profound and meaningful changes to consumers."

The air-conditioner is designed specifically for regions with unreliable power supplies. A Super Automatic Voltage Switcher (Super AVS) tailors the unit for Nigeria and other West African countries, where there is hot sun, where dust build-up can be a greater problem, and where the power supply is unpredictable. The technology guards against power blackouts and surges, protecting the compressor from being damaged by current fluctuations.

LG's Tropical Compressor is designed to operate reliably in hotter climates.

"In terms of economic development, the entire African continent has enormous potential and we're hopeful that LG's technologies will help people unlock that potential," said Mohammed Fouani, Managing Director of Fouani Nigeria Ltd. "LG has sought to move well beyond its role as a technology provider and has put into place a number of initiatives to combat poverty and promote community-building."

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