Daewoo Targets One-Person Households with Combi-Refrigerator
Nov 21, 2012
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Daewoo Electronics has launched a new combi-refrigerator, model FR-C24LB, targeted specifically for one-person households. It is the latest appliance in a line strategically geared to singles. These appliances include a wall-mounted drum washing machine and a 15-liter microwave oven.

The 240-liter model, launched in Daewoo's home market of South Korea, is the smallest combi-refrigerators (bottom freezer/refrigerator) in the country. It is up to 37 cm narrower and 31 cm shorter than other models, reducing the total volume by more than 60%.

The share of one-person households in South Korea was 25.3% in 2012, according to the Korea Statistical Office, and is expected to rise to 34.3% in 2035, overtaking two-person households at 34.0%.

Taking into account single-dwellers tendency to fill the freezer, Daewoo designed the freezer space to be 32% larger than other models in the class.

The design, with a black exterior and a red wine-colored door opener, is intended to appeal to young consumers.

"The home appliance market custom-tailored for singles has grown rapidly," a Daewoo representative said. "We will keep catering to their needs by introducing new models with smaller sizes and trendier designs."

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