Sandy Accelerates Toward the East Coast
Oct 29, 2012
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Hurricane Sandy, now accelerating toward the East Coast of the United States, has caused many financial entities and businesses to close for the day on Monday. The New York Stock Exchange was closed for the day, according to its website, making it the first time the NYSE closed for weather reasons in almost three decades.

A mandatory evacuation was ordered in much of New York City, and most of the city's mass transit was closed down.

Sandy remains a hurricane as of 10 AM ET on Monday, but is already proving prediction that it will be a highly unusual storm.

Sunday night and Monday morning Sandy began making its already infamous left turn unusual behavior for a hurricane off the East Coast and caused by the storm's collision with an Arctic jet stream. While most hurricanes off the East Coast veer to the northeast, to weaken over the cold waters of the North Atlantic Ocean, Sandy is taking aim at one of the most densely populated regions of the United States.

The storm was still accelerating toward shore, according to the National Hurricane Center (NHC), and expected to make landfall in New Jersey later today. Landfall is expected to transform it a tropical cyclone into a "wintertime cyclone," which, the NHC explains, will get energy from atmospheric temperature contrasts. This will spread the storms over a massive area. Instead of a single core of strong wind, "Wintertime lows have strong temperature contrasts or fronts attached to them, have a broader wind field, and more complex distributions of rain or snow," an NHC release explained.

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