Samsung Commissions Survey To Support U.S. Canister Vacuum Launch
Oct 26, 2012
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Samsung Electronics America, Inc., officially launched its canister vacuums in the U.S. market. The appliances are designed with reduced noise levels intended to provide users the flexibility to vacuum almost any time of day or night with minimal disturbance to others.

The vacuum is engineered with a new airflow design that Samsung said cuts down on roaring vacuum sounds that can disturb others in the house.

The units also have unique components with a carrying handle intended to make it easier to move around the home and to reduce the pressure on the body while transporting the device from one room to another.

A recent survey on vacuuming habits, conducted by Harris Interactive for Samsung, found that a full 94% of American adults vacuum their home for an average of 42 minutes per week. One of the biggest challenges of vacuuming is cleaning hard to reach areas - problem noted by 45% of survey respondents.

The Samsung canister models address this need. A telescopic wand extends up to 35.4 inches and down to 23 inches for the ideal length. Electric Blue and Champagne models include a 15-inch wide brush - larger than the standard 13-inch brush on most other vacuums - and can be used on different floor types for faster cleaning.

All models have a dust bin designed for easily remove and empty without spilling. The 2.5 liter dust bin holds more than many conventional canister vacuums.

The survey showed that more than 53% of Americans find pet hair and allergen pick up important in a vacuum. 69% say the most important feature is the ability to capture all dirt and dust so less ends up in the air.

The new canister vacuums feature a HEPA filter. The Champagne model features an Auto Dust Sensing System.

The Champagne model features a MultiChamber Vacuum System, for improved efficiency with longer lasting suction power than conventional vacuums and catches up to 99.7% of fine dirt, dust, and particles.

Black and Electric Blue models have a Twin Chamber Vacuum System, with an efficient and powerful design that catches up to 95.2% of dust and fine particles.

The Black (SC88BOH1K) model is offered at a manufacturers' suggested price of $299.00. The Electric Blue (SC88POH1B) model is MSP $349.00. The Champagne (SC96POH1G) model is MSP $449.00.

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