LG Robot Vacuum Cleaner Makes International Debut
Oct 24, 2012
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LG Electronics' Hom-Bot Square robotic vacuum cleaner made its global debut in Place Beaubourg, Paris, where it was demonstrated to an international audience.

The fact that sharp right angles are found in most buildings around the world influenced LG engineers to create a square design to the new vacuum - unlike the circular design of most robot cleaners. The square design, sensors, and improved brushes make for a system collectively called Corner Master, intended to enable the cleaner to more effectively reach areas that other cleaners ignore.

Corner-detecting sensors supply the cleaner with spatial information, telling it when the edge of the room has been reached, as well as when to turn and stop. Dual Eye 2.0 camera sensors scan the floor, sampling multiple images per second, and analyze the information to generate an accurate map of the space, even with lights off. Onboard ultrasonic and infrared sensors enable the cleaner to detect and avoid obstacles.

Turbo Mode allows users to manually set cleaning functions to the specific requirements of their flooring. Smart Turbo Mode enables the cleaner to detect the type of flooring and change its own settings automatically.

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