Braun Uses Sports Car Design Approach to New Men's Shaver
Oct 18, 2012
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Braun released FlexMotionTec Series 5 men's shaver with an upgraded motor for 20% more power. The FlexMotionTec system includes individually suspended cutting components, intended to react to smaller facial contours. The end result is intended to be efficient shaving with less pressure and minimized skin irritation.

The shaver uses monocoque engineering (using the shell of the device rather than internal components for structural integrity) along with fiber-reinforced materials - both techniques borrowed from lightweight sports car engineering. The reverse surface is black dotted rubber, similar to the surface on sports car steering wheel covers. The use of these high-end auto engineering techniques is to give the shaver light weight, maneuverability, and durability.

The Series 5 is waterproof up to 5 meters for washability, but is also the first with an Intelligent Clean & Charge Station, to clean more hygienically than tap water. This is a four-action, alcohol-based cleaning system that automatically cleans, charges, and lubricates the shaver.

"The new Series 5 physically embodies power and testosterone - the attributes associated with a real man, as well as perfectly capturing the essence of Braun design innovation," said Michael Kewley, Marketing Manager Braun Male Dry Shaving. "This is expressed throughout the stylishly engineered design down to the very last detail, including the usage of red accent color which is usually found on sports car brakes as a signal of dynamic performance."

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