Chigo 2013 Global Business Conference: Europe Still a Worry
Oct 18, 2012
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Chinese air-conditioning OEM Chigo gathered just under a thousand distributer and wholesales reps for its Chigo 2013 Global Business Conference

Guangdong Chigo Air Conditioning Co., Ltd. (Foshan, China) presentations characterized the previous year as a weak one for the global air-conditioning and household appliances market in general, constrained by global economies and slow real estate growth. In China, the industry was also negatively impacted by a pull-back in national energy-saving projects.

Chigo said its success in the previous year came from being prepared, with 1,106 models recently qualified for energy efficiency certification.

Chigo CEO Zheng Zuyi, in his keynote address, noted that the European debt crisis remained a concern, as had slowing in other global economies. Competition within China was intensifying as the Chinese economy slowed. Zheng said the company will address the 2013 air-conditioning market by continuing its strategy of innovation.

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