Smart Appliance Sales to Reach 45 Million Units Annually by 2020
Oct 12, 2012
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Research firm Pike Research expects smart appliance sales to show greater increases after 2015.

The firm expects worldwide sales of smart appliances to climb rapidly for the remainder of the decade, reaching just under 45 million units per year in 2020.

The firm defines smart appliances as major household appliances that use intelligent power management technology to help optimize electrical load on the power distribution grid. The appliances offer consumers the benefits of reduced energy usage, lower energy costs, lower carbon emissions, and advanced features such as remote control. Utilities benefits include increased visibility and peak demand management.

"Positive growth around the world in the overall household appliance market presents opportunities for the smart appliance submarket, especially with the continuing investment in smart grid initiatives," said research director Carol Stimmel. "However, consumers will only be motivated to move to smart appliances prior to their 10-year average replacement cycle if the appliances have the right price and enable them to save on energy costs. Economies of scale, better technical integration, and the emergence of dynamic pricing are critical elements to realizing the potential of the smart appliance market."

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