Bosch Surveys Dishwasher Use Behavior
Oct 12, 2012
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A Bosch home appliances survey in the United States found that more than 40% of Americans fight about loading the dishwasher.

The national survey was fielded online by Harris Interactive on behalf of Bosch home appliances in June among 2,000 U.S. adults.

"Loading the dishwasher has become a highly contested subject in households across the country, but at Bosch, we believe that a dishwasher should make your life easier," said Micaela Shaw, brand manager for Bosch home appliances.

The survey showed the top five reasons men and women admit they fight about when loading the dishwasher:

1. 61% of survey respondents argue over whether dishes should be pre-rinsed or not. Bosch's advice: users not should not pre-rinse as the detergent needs to cling to food to avoid scratching your dishes.

2. 41% of respondents argue about separating dishes or loading the dishwasher as much as possible. Women are more likely, at 48%, to fight about doubling together dishes than men, at 33%.

3. 39% of respondents argue over placing sharp knives point down or point up. Bosch believes safety should be the guide: the company recommends knives be loaded point down for safety. Forks and spoons can be placed either handle up or down.

4. 34% of respondents insist on placing cups on the top rack and plates on the bottom rack while their mate believes any dish can go anywhere. The survey showed that 32% of all females who fight about loading the dishwasher insist that cups be placed on the top rack and plates on the bottom rack, not mixed. Bosch said each dish should be separated by dishwasher tines.

5. 30% of respondents debate about placing plastic containers on the top rack to prevent a major plastic meltdown, or placing containers wherever space is available. Bosch said its dishwashers have a concealed flow-through water heating element that helps prevent plastic containers from melting, no matter where they are placed.

The survey also showed that 38% of men admit to finding excuses for getting out of loading the dishwasher at all. Common excuses men use:
* 16% of men say they cooked the meal and demand chore equality
* 12% admit to being too lazy to clean the dishes
* 10% feel they are too busy and their time is too important to be spent loading the dishwasher

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