Schott Launches U.S. Apprenticeship Program
Oct 12, 2012
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Schott North America, Inc. announced its pilot U.S. apprenticeship program at its Duryea, PA production facility.

Schott is a supplier of glass to the global appliance industry, including glass-ceramic panels for cooktops.

For two to three years, an inaugural class of nine apprentices will work full time in the Duryea plant, receive full benefits, and take classes both in person and online through partnerships with local schools.

The apprenticeship program is intended to help rejuvenate American manufacturing and create jobs by offering young people a combination of practical experience and classroom training to instill specialized skills that will serve our apprentices as they pursue their careers.

The nine apprentices in Duryea, culled from 250 applications, can learn one of three tracks of trades - glass operator generalist, mason-metalsmith, and maintenance-machinist - as they work toward journeyman certification. Four U.S. veterans are among the nine apprentices.

"Many high school and college graduates are struggling to find a good job with a living wage," said Anne Marie Martin, HR Specialist at Schott. "Too many are caught in the Catch-22 that is often the hiring process: to find work, they need experience, but they can only gain experience from working. Schott's apprenticeship program slices through this contradiction and offers nine trainees an opportunity to learn a valuable trade while working full time with benefits."

The apprenticeship program is based on the German model of apprenticeship, in which young people learn technical skills on the job while spending additional time in classrooms to supplement their experiential learning. Schott's German facilities welcome new apprentices each year.

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