Mr. Coffee Coffee Maker First to Earn New NSF Certification
Oct 4, 2012
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NSF International certified Jarden Consumer Solutions' Mr. Coffee Coffee Maker to a new protocol that NSF developed to evaluate the safety and quality of home coffee makers - part of its new home appliance certification program.

The Mr. Coffee appliance is the first product in this category to earn certification to the protocol, which was developed as part of the new NSF Home Product Certification (HPC) Program.

NSF International is an independent global organization that writes standards, and tests and certifies products for the consumer goods, food, and water industries. NSF Home Product Certification said it is building on its commercial foodservice equipment testing/certification background for its new home appliances and consumer products certification program.

The program tests home appliances in NSF laboratories to NSF protocols, including testing for applicable product quality, performance, and FDA food contact material requirements.

NSF said its regulatory and public health staff worked with retailers, manufacturers, and regulatory experts to develop NSF Protocol P387: Coffee Makers for Home Use, which covers electrical (drip and pour-over) coffee makers, non-electrical (French Press) coffee makers, and espresso and cappuccino machines. The protocol's testing requirements evaluate:
* Performance (e.g. cleanability, corrosion resistance, durability)
* Material safety (e.g. does not leach harmful contaminants into food such as heavy metals, phthalates, or others)
* Packaging and labeling (e.g. distributor/manufacturing location, description, quantity, usage directions, warning labels, disclaimer statements, lot number/expiry date, and label claims are accurate and follow regulations)
* Conformance to all applicable U.S., Canadian, and EU product regulations and retailer requirements

NSF International tested and certified the Mr. Coffee Coffee Maker against Protocol P387 and audited the facility in which the product was made.

Having earned certification, the coffee makers may now bear the NSF "Certified for Home Use" Mark.

"The NSF Certified for Home Use Mark on our Mr. Coffee(R) Coffee Makers not only communicates the safety and quality of our products to consumers, it also signals product acceptability and compliance to retail buyers," said Tony Satcher, Director of Sales Operations, Team Costco, Jarden Consumer Solutions. "Streamlining this process saves manufacturers time and costs associated with meeting multiple regulatory requirements while verifying product quality for retailers and suppliers."

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