ECHONET-Compliant Appliances Included in Prototype Toshiba-Honda Smart Homes
Sep 24, 2012
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Toshiba Corp. is participating in a demonstration testing of a smart home system that Honda Motor Company has been conducting in the Japanese city of Saitama. The two companies will jointly conduct demonstration testing with the goal of pursuing the optimization of energy generation and usage.

The two companies are striving to establish a smart home system to achieve optimized energy management in everyday life and continuous power supply in case of a disaster or emergency. The homes optimally control energy generation devices, including smart home appliances complying with the ECHONET Lite standards, solar power generation systems, and gas engine cogeneration system, as well as household batteries and electric vehicles (EVs).

Since April 2012, as a part of the E-KIZUNA Project run by the city of Saitama, Honda has been conducting demonstration testing using two smart home system equipped houses built on land adjacent to Saitama University. The goal is to further reduce CO2 emissions from people's everyday lives, including mobility. The third demonstration house, which will be completed before the end of the next fiscal year (ending March 31, 2014), will be equipped with energy management systems from both Toshiba and Honda.

Toshiba will employ its smart meter and provide energy management in the community by networking the three testing houses as well as the technology controlling appliances in each house. Honda will provide energy generation and storage technologies as well as EVs. The two companies also will explore the possibility of collaborating their cloud-based services, realizing the interconnectivity of their products and reusing Toshiba's SCiBTM battery installed in Honda EVs.

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