Consumer Awareness of Electronics Recycling is Rising
Sep 20, 2012
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Awareness of electronics recycling and locations is rising, according to a study from the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA). The CE Recycling and Reuse 2012 Edition study found that nine in 10 consumers believe it is important to recycle consumer electronics (CE) devices; 63% of consumers know where to recycle them.

"The CE industry aims to make recycling consumer electronics as easy as purchasing them. The marked increase in consumer awareness of how and where to recycle their electronics illustrates the progress our industry has made on this issue," said Walter Alcorn, CEA's vice president of environmental affairs and industry sustainability.

CEA has been working in partnership with local, state and federal governments, as well as interested non-governmental organizations and other industry advocates to continue to educate consumers on the availability and accessibility of electronics recycling locations. The industry's eCycling Leadership Initiative has issued a Billion Pound Challenge to recycle responsibly one billion pounds of electronics annually by 2016.

Overall sales of CE products are expected to reach a record high in 2012. As consumers purchase new electronics, they are removing more used CE products from their homes. Six in 10 CE owners removed at least one device from their homes in the last year:
* 48% of those CE owners donated the device for reuse
* 26% recycled the device

Of those who donated a device, 63% gave it to friends and family. Of the 12% of CE owners who reported putting a used CE device in the trash during the last 12 months, most cited convenience as the driving factor for their choice of removal.

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