Apple’s MacBook Air Leads Ultrabook Computers Segment
Sep 18, 2012
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The biggest selling ultra-portable computer is Apple's MacBook Air - a device that predates the launch of PC's using Intel's trademarked Ultrabook name, according to ABI Research.

Intel coined the term "Ultrabook" for a new segment of ultra-portable computers, and intended the term to apply to Windows-based devices based on Intel's new processor architecture.

ABI said uptake of the thin and light portable computers in first-half 2012 was disappointing, compared to Intel expectations. Still, the market intelligence firm forecasts 20 million will ship worldwide in 2012.

"Initial ultrabooks came to market several hundred dollars above consumer expectations," says senior practice director Jeff Orr. "High systems prices and waiting for the upcoming Windows 8 operating system are two leading reasons for lack of adoption."

Next-generation Ultrabooks are expected to offer several benefits:
* lower prices, closer to market requirements
* touch-screen models with versatile input methods

The firm sees big growth potential when consumer expectations are met, and it predicts a healthy growth rate of 53% from 2012-2017.

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