GE Redesigns Dishwasher Wash System
Sep 17, 2012
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GE Appliances designed a new dishwasher wash system to delivers 65% more wash power to each rack than previous models, using three pressurized, full coverage wash arms.

"The new level of wash power from GE's dishwashers is like placing your thumb over a garden hose--it sprays at a higher velocity," said Dan Goldstein, dishwasher marketing manager.

A new line of dishwasher includes the new wash system and GE's patented hard-food disposer with removable filter system to pulverize food soils still left on dishes and prevents those particles from re-entering the wash cycle. GE is the only dishwasher with both a hard-food disposer and a removable filter.

The new line of dishwashers also offer Wash Zones to give users the option of running a half load on either the top or the bottom rack while still combining favorite cycles and options such as sanitize cycle or steam pre-wash.

The dishwasher line offers an exclusive hybrid stainless steel interior with the combination of stainless steel on the inner door and a tub made of a material called PermaTuf.

"The hybrid stainless steel dishwasher emerges as an affordable option for consumers who want the quality, look and sound benefits of stainless steel, but without the higher price tag," said Goldstein.

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