Euro-Pro Cooking System Engineered with Three Heat Sources
Sep 14, 2012
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Euro-Pro's new Ninja Cooking System is designed to help save meal preparation time by layering the main course, vegetables, and pasta or rice inside the cooking pot.

The appliance's Triple Fusion Heat feature combines heat contact from the bottom of the pot, direct heat from the sides, and super-heated steam for faster and more even cooking.

The cooking appliance uses steam to capture natural juices while allowing the fat to drip away, said to result in tastier, healthier meats and other main courses.

The cooking system also allows the user to steam-bake cupcakes, cakes, and other items with half the butter or oil of standard recipes.

The appliance has both stovetop and slow-cook settings - allowing home cooks to sear and brown meats and vegetables before slow-cooking - without having to use a separate pan or move the pot to the stove.

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