Tabletop Trend for Vending Machines in Europe
Jul 6, 2012
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There are 3.8 million installed vending machines in the 21 European countries, according to a new report from the European Vending Association. The report finds, however, that 80% of the installed field base is within six of those countries.

The EVA report finds a roughly 50/50 split between freestanding/tabletop vending machines - but sees a clear growth trend in the tabletop segment to accommodate shrinking workplaces.

The report finds that there are about 10,000 vending operators in the covered region of Europe.

Most of Europe's vending machines are in the workplace and they mostly sell coffee as well as other hot drinks. The new report finds that the ratio of people in the workplace per hot drinks machine varies widely in the six leading markets: there can be from 36 to 140 workers per machine.

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