Daikin McQuay is First to Meet DOE Rooftop Unit Challenge
Jun 29, 2012
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HVAC manufacturer Daikin McQuay became the first and only company to meet the Department of Energy's (DOE) Rooftop Unit (RTU) Challenge, with its Rebel commercial rooftop line.

The DOE challenge calls on participating HVAC manufacturers to satisfy a DOE-issued specification for energy savings and performance. This includes achieving an integrated energy efficiency rating (IEER) of 18 or higher with a 50-60% reduction in energy use over current standards.

The DOE and independent testing organization Intertek conducted the performance testing for the challenge. The testing confirmed the OEM's claims that the Rebel commercial rooftop system exceeds the DOE's energy savings and performance specifications with part-load efficiencies of up to 20.6 IEER and energy savings of up to 60-70%.

Daikin McQuay said the system offers the lowest total cost of ownership, with complete system payback in as little as two years.

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