Rinnai: U.S. National Gas Code Makes Tankless Water Heaters Easier to Install
Jun 29, 2012
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Rinnai America Corp. is alerting potential buyers and homebuilders to the new 2012 National Fuel Gas Code, which makes it more feasible to install a Rinnai Tankless Water Heater with 1/2-inch gas piping, the most common gas-pipe size used in the United States

The company said that replacing an existing tank with a
tankless water heater often required upgrading to 3/4-inch gas piping. This made retrofitting with a tankless water heater more complicated, meaning installation took longer and cost more.

"Immediate 'emergency replacement' after the homeowner's tank has unexpectedly died is now possible in many homes currently outfitted with tank water heaters," said Trey Hoffman, global product manager at Rinnai. "When replacing the gas line is not necessary, the installation requires a lot less work and can result in a lower cost to the homeowner, making the choice to 'go tankless' even easier for homeowner and installer alike."

The 2012 National Fuel Gas Code also makes it possible for homebuilders to install pipe without knowing up front if the home will be fitted with a tank or tankless water heater upfront, because the 1/2-inch pipe line that is typically installed can be configured to support either water heating option.

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