Fisher & Paykel Designs New Refrigerator Line
Jun 20, 2012
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Fisher & Paykel Appliances' ActiveSmart refrigerator technology - designed to adapt fridge operation to the user's lifestyle - is offered in a new refreshed design line with enhancements to styling, storage, and lighting. The latest model will be available to consumers in the United States and Canada in July 2012 and will be released under the Fisher & Paykel brand.

The ActiveSmart technology itself monitors how consumers use the fridge and adjusts airflow to keep temperatures stable, which helps keep food fresher longer.

The new E22B refrigerator line has a sleeker appearance that comes from a design elements such as seamless stainless steel styling. The design conceals the hinge from the side and front.

Designers replaced the halogen lighting of older designs with LED lighting, to reduce potential glare problems and provide better illumination. Light will be more evenly distributed throughout the interior, for better visibility and food presentation. LED lighting also uses 88% less power than halogen.

A faster icemaker is engineered to produce 75% more ice, and to produce better quality ice. The water delivery system is engineered to be that is 65% faster.

Storage capacity is enhance with the addition of individual bottle holders, which can be stacked on top of each other when not in use and stored within the refrigerator in a self contained storage area for convenience. The bottle holder is manufactured using a chemical resistant ABS plastic with rubber feet to provide better stability. This gives consumers the flexibility to place it anywhere in the fridge, allowing for more customized options of the available space to fit users' specific needs.

Scott Davies, Fisher & Paykel's marketing manager, said the new line refines the design platform and takes it to a higher level, "With focus on integration and designer elements."

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