Frigidaire from Electrolux Launches Classic Series Appliance Line to Commemorate 85th Anniversary
Apr 21, 2003
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Retro-styled products are making a comeback in homes across North America and in 2003, Electrolux will mark the 85th anniversary of its Frigidaire brand—the world’s first electric household refrigerator—with the introduction of the Classic Series appliance line.
The Frigidaire from Electrolux Classic Series combines popular retro modern accents from past eras with high-performance, energy efficient appliances suited to today’s busy lifestyles. The line features a high-gloss smooth finish reminiscent of appliances from the 1940s and 1950s before textured surfaces became standard in North American appliances.

A raised, historic script Frigidaire nameplate adorns the smooth Classic Series line which will be offered in four colors: white, black, bisque, and stainless steel.

The Classic Series suite includes 18- and 21-cu-ft top-mount refrigerators and 23-cu-ft and 26-cu-ft side by sides, a dishwasher, a gas and electric freestanding range, and a slide-in range with smooth electric cooktop. A retro-look smooth finish suite in classic white, black, or bisque finish can be purchased for U.S. $1,400 ($2,200 Canadian).

"Consumers are enamored with the retro styling popular from past eras; they want appliances that make a fashion statement but also want appliances that save time and energy," said Mark Chambers, general manager of Marketing for Electrolux Home Products.

The Classic Series is said to answer both needs by offering contemporary appliances styled with a slice of nostalgia on the outside and a long list of high-performance features on the inside. This includes PureSource 2™, the industry’s most convenient ice and water refrigerator filtration system, SpeedBake™, which reduces cooking times up to 30 percent, and Frigidaire’s Precision Wash System®, which is said to clean and sanitizes dishes more effectively, quietly, and economically. Many of the Classic Series products have met the U.S. Department of Energy’s stringent energy efficiency guidelines and qualify to carry the ENERGY STAR™ program label.

Mr. Chambers added that the Classic Series stainless line is ideally suited to smaller kitchens and perhaps smaller budgets. In North America, consumers can purchase a Classic Series stainless suite that includes a refrigerator with top-mounted freezer, dishwasher, and a gas or electric range for $1,600 ($2,500 Canadian).

"Electrolux was the first appliance manufacturer to make stainless steel appliances affordable for North American homeowners," Chambers added. "As stainless has become more of a mainstream color choice, Frigidaire has seen a growing demand for stainless appliances that can fit in smaller-sized kitchens."

To meet that need, Frigidaire from Electrolux also will introduce a 28-in wide true stainless steel top-mounted refrigerators this month. Available in 15- and 17-cu-ft models for approximately $500, these refrigerators are said to be ideal for apartment and condominium kitchens.

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