May Electroindustry Business Confidence Is Less Upbeat, But Still Points to Growth
Jun 8, 2012
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NEMA's Electroindustry Business Confidence Index (EBCI) for current North American conditions was at 54.2 in May, down from 59.1 in April 2012. The Index is down a total of 18.3 points from its post-recession high in February 2012.

Despite the decreases, NEMA said the index continues to point to an economic environment conducive to industry growth, as it has for all of the last eight months.

More than 29% of survey panelists said the business climate improved in May, slightly less than April's 27%.

Respondents who said conditions worsened were at nearly 21% in May, up from about 9% in April. An even 50% said there was no change in business conditions from April to May, compared to nearly 64% in the previous month's report.

The measure of the degree of change in current North American conditions was unchanged from April, NEMA said, holding at +0.2. The figure reached a near two-year high mark of +0.7 in February and March. Panelists report intensity of change on a scale from -5 (deteriorated significantly) through 0 (unchanged) to +5 (improved significantly).

The EBCI for future North American conditions was lower in May, down 11 points to 70.8. The survey showed:
* 54.2% of panelists expect conditions to improve to some degree over the next six months (down from 72% who said so in the April survey)
* 12.5% now expect conditions to worsen (none of the respondents in the March and April surveys expected conditions to worsen.)

The NEMA report on regional business conditions looks at:
* Current Conditions (Compared to Previous Month)
* Conditions Six Months From Now (Compared to Current Conditions)
With 50 or higher suggests conditions for expansion of the electroindustry sector.

May regional results:
* North America - Current Conditions: 54.2; Conditions in 6 Months: 70.8
* Latin America - Current Conditions: 53.1; Conditions in 6 Months: 71.9
* Europe - Current Conditions: 20.6; Conditions in 6 Months: 32.4
* Asia/Pacific - Current Conditions: 47.1; Conditions in 6 Months: 70.6

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