Sears Tops for Lawn Mowers, Walmart for Charcoal Grills
Jun 6, 2012
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Walmart is the United States' lead retailer in charcoal grill sales, with a market share of 23%, according to a new Stevenson Company report, while Lowe's is second, with 20% market share, and Home Depot is third at 19%.

The report looked at other outdoor products and found more consumers buy lawn and garden items from The Home Depot and Lowe's.

But Sears is the No. 1 retailer for lawn mower purchases. Lowe's is No. 2 - having taken the spot from Home Depot - and may be catching up on Sears.

"For many categories, Lowe's, The Home Depot, and Walmart compete with each other for the lawn and garden customer," said Eric Voyer, vice president of The Stevenson Company. "From a trend perspective, we're seeing an increase in the big box home improvement stores' ability (to) attract customers. To increase market share and remain viable, retailers and manufacturers must continually look at the factors that drive consumers' purchasing habits and address these preferences in a meaningful way. Promotional activities and assortments play a huge role in winning the battle for the consumers."

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