Americans Do More Outdoor Cooking
May 30, 2012
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As survey from outdoor grill maker Weber showed 71% of U.S. grill owners intended to use their grill on Memorial Day, up 10% from the 2011 survey.

"We continue to see a rise in the number of people grilling for nearly all major holidays, including Memorial Day, the Fourth of July (90%), Father's Day (53%) and even birthdays (76%)," said Brooke Jones, Director of Marketing for Weber-Stephen Products LLC, manufacturer of outdoor gas and charcoal grills.

Weber commissioned Toluna to field the survey, which was completed by 1,000 grill owners throughout the United States. All respondents were 21 years of age or older and currently own a charcoal, gas, or electric outdoor grill or smoker. The sample was divided between 50% males and 50% females and was balanced demographically to represent households across the U.S.

One trend found was an increase in the popularity of electric grills.
* 62% of grill owners who have never grilled on an outdoor electric grill are interested in trying one - up 6% over the past three years of the survey
* 24% of grill owners have used an outdoor electric grill

Among those who have used an outdoor electric grill, their top three reasons:
* 61% easy to use
* 52% does not require fuel
* 51% heats up quickly

Regional users of outdoor smokers:
* 41% of users in the South know how to use an outdoor smoker
* 36% of users in the West
* 36% of users in the Midwest
* 29% of users in the Northeast

More smoker stats:
* 44% of grillers who do not know how to use a smoker are interested in learning to
* smoker owners are the biggest grillers - grilling an average of 7.5 hours per week during their grilling season

Other survey findings:
* 71% of all Americans (21 and older) own an outdoor grill and/or smoker
* 74% user their grill at least once a week during their grilling season - up from 69% in the 2011 survey

The three foods grilled most often are:
* 73% hamburgers
* 41% chicken
* 40% steak

The biggest grill challenges, according to the survey:
* dessert 35%
* fish 30%
* pizza 28%

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