EOS Files Patent Infringement Suit Against Phenix Systems
Apr 27, 2012
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EOS, supplier of laser-sintering systems, filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Phenix Systems in United States District Court in Illinois.

The lawsuit alleges infringement of U.S. Patent Nos. 5,753,274 and 6,042,774 in Phenix's PXL, PXM, PXS and PXS Dental product lines.

"Filing this patent infringement lawsuit is an essential step in protecting our patent rights in the U.S.," said Johann Oberhofer, CFO of EOS. "We hope that this litigation will quickly resolve the situation."

EOS has patents granted for a number of its own inventions in the field of laser-sintering and it owns exclusive worldwide rights to all patents owned by 3D Systems Corp. applicable to the field of laser-sintering that were filed prior to August 20, 2002.

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