Miele Commercial Dryers Use Waste Heat
Mar 29, 2012
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At the Altenpflege 2012, a trade show for the nursing care industry, German appliance producer Miele launched a new commercial dryer that allows for the use of waste heat for indirect use in clothes drying. Miele said it is almost like heating the dryers for free.

The new dryer requires an existing cogeneration unit, which is already in-place in many European nursing homes, or district heating, which is used in some parts of Europe. Hot water is a by-product in both cases and is already used for some Miele washer-extractors. The new dryers using the waste heat will become available in Autumn 2012.

The heat energy provided by hot water is used to heat the process air in a tumble dryer as it passes through the heater bank. Steam-heated dryers already operate using a similar system, but the new dryers have been re-engineered to operate at lower water temperatures. The process air temperature has been reduced, as well, resulting in gentler fabric care in combination.

This new type of heating will be offered on tumble dryers with drum volumes of 325 liters to 800 liters, to dry 13 kg to 40 kg of laundry. The dryers are designed to complement Miele washer-extractors, which are already available with a hot-water fill.

The Altenpflege 2012 trade show for the nursing care industry opened on March 27 at the Hannover Exhibition Center in Hannover, Germany, and runs through March 29.

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