Sharp Builds Appliance Plant in Indonesia
Mar 28, 2012
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Sharp Corp. will build a new appliance plant in Indonesia with the capacity to produce more than 4 million washers and refrigerators per year.

Noboru Fujimoto, executive managing officer, said Indonesia is expected to see further economic growth and a booming demand for some consumer goods. To meet demand, Sharp will build a plant to manufacturing refrigerators and washing machines, scheduled to begin operations in 2013. It will be one of the largest appliance plants in Indonesia and cost about $130 million to construct.

P.T. Sharp Electronics Indonesia (SEID), Sharp's production and sales subsidiary based in Jakarta, Indonesia, will build the new plant in Karawang International Industrial City (KIIC) in Karawang, West Java Province.

The new plant - pictured in an artists' rendering - is expected to have capacity of 220,000 refrigerators per month (2.64 million per year) and 140,000 washing machines per month (1.68 million per year).

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