Whirlpool India Spends $19 Million To Design Appliances for Indian Consumers
Mar 27, 2012
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Whirlpool of India will invest RS 100 crore (approx. US$19.5 million) to design appliances specifically for Indian consumers, according to a report in The Hindu.

Author Sandeep Joshi wrote that Whirlpool India plans to launch new microwaves, refrigerators, and air-conditioners, with the goal of becoming the top appliance maker in the country by 2015. These come in addition to 160 products introduced in the above categories as well as washers, water purifiers, and built-in major kitchen appliances. Growth had been spurred by RS 100 crore in marketing.

Whirlpool of India Chairman and Managing Director Arvind Uppal told reporter Sandeep Joshi that Whirlpool India wants to take the leadership position in washers and refrigerators within the next year and a half and be the overall appliances leader in India by 2015.

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