Report: 75% of U.S. Electric Meters Will Be Smart Meters by 2016
Mar 8, 2012
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Market researcher NPD In-Stat forecasts more than 75% of U.S. electric meters will be converted to smart meters by 2016. NPD sees this as a first significant step in the massively scaled conversion to the Smart Grid in the United States, where part of the complexity of the process comes from the ownership base: the U.S. electrical grid is operated by more than 3,000 utility companies, local governments, and private firms.

"Over the next five years, and for decades thereafter, the world will be deploying the smart grid," said Allen Nogee, Research Director. "Initially, most of this will be smart meters, but once those are out, client devices, software, and home automation equipment may all benefit as consumers and utilities make use of the information that smart meters provide. While utilities will be big beneficiaries from the smart grid movement, consumers will benefit as well, with more choices in rate plans and a much better understanding of the link between their electricity usage and their costs."

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