Retail Showrooming Trend Evident in Appliances
Mar 5, 2012
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Some consumers will research appliances in a brick and mortar retail store but then make their actual purchase online, in a practice known as, "showrooming," according to market research firm NPD Group, Inc.

The firm found that 15-20% of consumers in 2011 were "showrooming" categories like stand mixers, electric knives, sewing machines, and some floor cleaners, and the firm said it sees signs of the trend moving into categories such as power tools, hairsetters, and robotic floor care appliances.

NPD said that, in total small kitchen electric appliances:
* 7% of consumers who researched their appliances at a brick and mortar store made their purchase online
* 4% did so when purchasing personal care appliances
* 2% did so when purchasing home improvement products

The firm said that two in three consumers that researched a home-related product online made their purchase at a brick and mortar store.

NPD saw a 20% dollar growth in small appliance and home improvement online sales in 2011. Still, online sales were just 13% dollar share of small appliance sales and 5% of home improvement sales in 2011. Most purchases still come form brick and mortar stores.

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