Electrolux Named Sustainability Sector Leader
Feb 21, 2012
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Electrolux was named Sector Leader, Sector Mover, and SAM Gold Class winner in Durable Household Products in the annual sustainability assessment by Sustainable Asset Management (SAM).

The 2,500 largest companies in the world participate annually in corporate sustainability assessments made by SAM, an independent asset management company in Zurich. Using score from these assessments, the top-scoring 15% of companies in each of the 58 assessed sectors qualify for inclusion in the Sustainability Yearbook.

SAM also makes the assessment for Dow Jones Sustainability Index.

Electrolux received three recognitions in the 2012 Sustainability Yearbook in Durable Household Products:

• SAM Sector Leader: going to the company judged best-prepared to seize the opportunities and manage risks from economic, environmental, and social developments.
• SAM Sector Mover, which goes to the company in the top 15% of each sector that proportionally improved its sustainability performance most since the previous year.
• SAM Gold Class award, which goes to companies whose score is within 1% of the Sector Leader’s score.

This is the fifth consecutive year Electrolux was named Sector Leader.

SAM ranking are based on how companies address sustainability trends and challenges likely to impact shareholder value creation. The Yearbook identifies companies that are better than their peers when it comes to seizing opportunities and managing risks associated with global and industry-specific trends and challenges, and which represent investment opportunities.

“Good business leadership is not only about meeting today’s needs, but also about preparing for tomorrow’s challenges and opportunities. Sustainability is a fundamental part of the Electrolux strategy, and being Sector Leader proves that we make reality of this strategy," said Henrik Sundström, head of Sustainability at Electrolux. "We put a lot of effort into continuously improving the eco-efficiency of our own operations, but the main contribution of Electrolux to a sustainable society is to be a leader in developing solutions that help our customers and consumers to live more efficiently and sustainable."

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