AHAM On CES Panels
Jan 12, 2012
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As more home appliances become electronically controlled and networked, the appliance industry has been increasing its presence at the annual Consumer Electronics Shows – such as the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers' participation in several CES conference sessions.

On Wednesday, Jan. 11, 2012, AHAM hosted the panel discussion, “Window to Tomorrow’s Connected Home.” The panel discussed the functionality, timing and total home integration is coming to home appliances, taking into account new-generation home appliances that are being introduced with connectivity and designed to live on the Smart Grid. The panel was moderated by Kevin Messner, AHAM's vice president, Policy & Government Relations. Panelists included:
• Kris Bowring, senior director, Platform Lead, New Business CSG, Best Buy
• Jean Claude Junqua, managing director, Panasonic Silicon Valley Laboratory, Panasonic
• David McCalpin, general manager, Home Energy Management, General Electric
• Warwick Stirling, senior director of Energy and Sustainability, Whirlpool Corp.

AHAM's Messner is a panelist in the today's (Thursday, Jan. 12) panel discussion, "Smart Appliances: Ready for Prime Time?" The panel notes that there are many "smart" appliances on the market, including those that can be controlled by smartphone, but asks how well such appliances are actually selling—and whether 2012 will be the year smart appliances finally catch on. The panel will be moderated Jamie Sorcher, Technology Correspondent for AOL. Panelists include:
• Kent Dickson, CTO, Tendril
• Messner of AHAM
• Stirling of Whirlpool
• John I. Taylor, vice president, Public Affairs and Communications, LG Electronics USA, Inc.

Another panel taking place today is "Green Standards for Consumer Electronics: How Many Labels Will Be Enough?" The panel explores the need for having multiple standards and labels and weighs their advantages. Moderator is Walter Alcorn, staff vice president, Environmental Affairs and Industry Sustainability, Consumer Electronics Association. Panelists include:
• Jon Fairhurst, manager of Energy, Ecology and Television Standards, Sharp Labs of America
• Katharine Kaplan, team lead, Energy Star Product Development, United States Environmental Protection Agency
• Messner of AHAM

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